Zaev replaced SDSM MP who refused to vote, DPNE kept all their traitors!?


SDS MP Tomislav Tuntev refused to vote and inscribe his family name on the biggest treason in Macedonia’s 2000 year old history.

Zaev replaced Tuntev with lightning speed with MP Zemon (ethnic albanian) who is more than eager to vote for the name change.

Now, the obvious question is why the VMRO-DPMNE did not replace a single MP, why did their leadership allow a vote to take place with bribed and blackmailed MPs?

Meanwhile, here is a last shot by US Ambassador Jess Baily aimed at pressuring MP Ilija Dimovski who apparently is having second thoughts because this morning a corrupt Skopje Court miraculously approved a SPO fabricated case against guess who … MP Ilija Dimovski.

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