Zaev resigns post ahead of elections


Zoran Zaev resigned his PM post this morning.

His resignation is part of the agreement between the main political parties, to ensure that the public administration will no longer be abused for the benefit of the ruling SDSM party in the run up to the elections. Zaev agreed to the arrangement in October, when his request to open EU accession talks was denied by the European Council, but then tried to get out of the deal and postpone the elections. But, eventually the deal held and a new Government is expected to be appointed today.

Following Zaev’s resignation, President Stevo Pendarovski is supposed to nominate a mandate holder, who would then propose an interim Government to the Parliament. According to the agreement, Zaev will be replaced by his loyalist Oliver Spasovski as interim Prime Minister with a mandate of 100 days, until April 12th when the elections take place.

The DPNE nominated former Intelligence Agency director Nake Culev to replace Spasovski as the interim Interior Minister. The opposition also appoints interim ministers or deputy ministers in the Finance, Labour and Welfare and Agriculture departments, all of which have a high potential of being abused in the run up to the elections, with payments of subsidies or welfare. If all goes well, the interim Government could be appointed by the end of the day.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Fucking horse shit by a bunch of scum bags corrupt pricks who should have been exterminated a long time ago. Just manipulating everything to the way that it suits them.. what is the point of the fucking elections? i mean really? Democracy died a long time ago. Its only a thin facade to put it mildly!

  • Macedonian Forever

    Until we see these lying bastards get brought up on treason charges or at least contravening the constitution of the Republic of Macedonia, then there is no pravda. The traitors need to be arrested and then we can believe again. Mickovski cannot have it both ways, he needs to bring justice to Macedonia by arresting all of the bastards including the VMRO 8. We needs to see it before we can believe it. Bravo to Macron for not accepting this traitorous bunch of criminals, Show us this time because when the people did not take to the streets then they must agree with all that transpired.

  • Alex Macedon

    Mickovski is a traitor works for the same masters zaev works for.He never said that he will scrap the prespa agreement or scrap the shiptari language law though both break the Macedonian constitution. He said he will improve somethings.what a joke .That means he wont change a thing. When traitor zaev broke the Macedonian constitution numerous times especially Macedonian identity -name language- sold history. Mickovski did not want to have mass protests. Because zaev masters and his told him not to. Macedonia is run by criminals and terrorists. There is no law in Macedonia. There are no real men in Macedonia. They are pussys bending over and taking it up the ???. MACEDONIA FOR EVER.

  • V.M.

    Expect this moron not to return to Macedonia and ask for asylum elsewhere…