Zaev sends criminals turned cops to arrest Gruevski


Multiple criminals who have served jail time on various crimes from robbery to drug trafficking, arrested by the previous Government and released by Zaev were now sent to arrest Gruevski wearing police badges.

To make the case as spectacular as possible, a dozen TV crews with ties to the SDS were sent to Gruevski’s apartment to film the spectacle.

These criminals turned policemen’s job was to unleash psychological torture on Gruevski and particularly his family after it was revealed that Gruevski had not turned himself in by 3pm, per Baily’s SPO orders.

The “police” is coordinating with SDS media thus not giving any sort of privacy to Gruevski’s family as required by law.

Now it might be a little late… but Gruevski engineered his own spectacular fall, first by giving up power to a criminal junta, then to signing off on an illegal special prosecution office whose mandate has ended yet it ordered his arrest. The SPO functions outside Macedonian laws and Constitution, it would be illogical for it to follow any laws.

The public meanwhile is completely ignoring the latest drama and shows zero interest in it.

DPNE’s spokesperson Janushev was also stopped at the parking lot of his party’s HQ where he was searched by police.

And while all this is going on, DPNE MPs are helping Zaev in Parliament change Macedonia’s name. Talk about crazy town.
To quote Micov..”in 20 years no high ranking official from the DPNE or SDS has been in jail, they have gentleman’s agreement and do their crimes together, the drama with Gruevski is just that, drama, it will turn into big nothing”.

Meanwhile, Zaev’s police has not located Gruevski.