Zaev sends military police to look for Gruevski


Military police can be activated only by Ivanov. The civilian police is not enough, DPNE’s HQ is crawling with policemen who are now being assisted by the military police.

Is Gruevski having a cup of coffee at the Hungarian Embassy seeking a political asylum?

Meanwhile, this new neighbor of ours, he can tell you your fortunes on beans, coffee, and coffee beans.

  • Tony

    I can’t wait for Zaev to be stoned to death

    • Legenda Patriot

      Surely there is someone who will take some cash to bump off this prick?

  • Goran Stavreski

    When zaev got detained, the US Embassy was up in arms… when the fascist junta is tormenting everyone, not a whisper from the 4th Reich…

  • Wolf

    Macedonia is under Occupation. The US runs the show. FULL STOP. And the E.U.. is Useless
    The Greeks paid them off too.

  • Only Liberty Matters

    Why do you people of Macedonia put up with these oxygen thieves???

  • Macedonian Forever

    So let’s get this straight…1) the person they have been trying for all this time and under heavy surveillance magically disappears? How stupid do they think everyone is? He obviously has been aided by Zaev and the powers supporting him. 2) The military police has been summoned. GLARING mistake making it obvious that Macedonia no longer functions as a sovereign state. Only the president can call upon the military police, and furthermore it is their sworn duty to defend the current LEGAL constitution which has been severely violated and the perpetrators should be arrested Zaev, Dimitrov, Shekerinska, Spasovski and the 80 members who unlawfully voted for opening the constitution.
    Funny what have they done to Apasiev? He knew exactly what he was talking about and they didn’t like it so has he been silenced?