Zaev stops construction of Kicevo – Ohrid highway


SDS leader Zaev has stopped the construction of a nearly completed Kicevo – Ohrid and Skopje – Shtip highways reports Republika.

The only reason for it, is because both mega projects are Chinese backed investments (a big no-no for the US Empire) despite the fact two Macedonian companies Beton and Granit are heavily involved in the project.

The US Embassy insisted the Macedonian Government hired San Francisco based Bechtel Inc whose bid for the same project was $1.1 Billion, nearly 600m more than the Chinese bid for $500m who came with low interest loan from the Chinese Investment Bank.

Today, the SDS led Government stopped the construction between Miladinovci – Stip and Kicevo – Ohrid, the reasons were allegedly property dispute with private owners.

In just a few days, ‘experts’ in the SDS did a study on the project and found problems. The previous Government did a two year study before starting the project and found no problems.

MINA has reported that one of the first tasks given by US Ambassador Jess Baily to Zoran Zaev is to stop all Chinese and Russian investment projects in the country, no matter how small or big they are, or the fact that some are 98% completed, as is the Kicevo – Ohrid scheduled to be open to the public in January of 2018.

If the public rises against Zaev, he could allow for the highways to complete, however as Skopje media points out the SDS leader can try to extort cash from the Chinese Government, to allow the projects to wrap up, it is how he conducts business in Strumica, and is not implementing the same model across the country.

Both Zaev and Sugarevski were not available for comment why the construction was stopped. There are documents that the land where the construction is ongoing belongs to the Government, so their original explanation of ‘land dispute’ holds no water.