Zaev struggling to secure photo op with Macedonian Football Players


Zaev’s head of the Youth and Sports Agency Naumce Mojsoski joined in the attacks against the Football Federation of Macedonia (FFM), after it denied Zaev’s request for a meeting with the national football team ahead of the European Championship.

Zaev has been dying for a photo-op with the team, but FFM director Muamed Sejdini refused. Zaev abd Mojsoski have been trying to remove Sejdini from his post for over a year and his chance for payback is now.

You can’t tell me that a President or a Prime Minister can’t bid farewell to the team to the European Championship. All the Prime Minister wants is to wish them luck, but we see that the FFM apparently can refuse that, Mojsoski said.

Sejdiu cited the need to keep the team in isolation, both to concentrate and to avoid any coronavirus risks, as the reason.