Zaev takes money from budget to tip Macedonian teachers $20 to vote in referendum


Over 2,000 people have been hired “short term” across Macedonia, particularly in the capital. The short term means the hires are done with one goal in mind, to obtain referendum attendance.

But that’s not all, the Government announced earlier today, thousands of teachers across the country will obtain a $20 monthly increase in their salaries, however, this increase is meant as ‘short term’ as well. Meaning the increase may take place just for the end of next month, which of course happens to be same date as the referendum.

99m denars have been allocated for this increase, according to a Government spokesman.

Meanwhile, Zaev continues to slip up in public and already announced the fraudulent referendum. In 2015, 10 days before the terrorist attack in Kumanovo, Zaev said ‘there will be blood in the streets very soon’, and this morning stated there will be 903,000 votes. He is quite precise in his predictions…

  • Legenda Patriot

    Can someone please flush this criminal down the sewer where he belongs?