Zaev to Shtip residents: Don’t be crazy, don’t be fools, vote for SDS


The SDS leader Zoran Zaev held a speech during a rally in Shtip… With a facial expression of a certified maniac, he called Shtip residents ‘crazy’, ‘fools’ and asked them to vote for his party!?

Zaev has had dozens of bizarre statements which all have pointed to his inability to think, lack of any comprehension and well documented struggles to put sentences together. Now increasingly, his overall sanity is being brought into question. During the past ten days, unhinged Zaev claimed Macedonia’s electrical output is measured in terabytes, then claimed Macedonia has over 150,000 highways, then stood with SDS officials in front of the Government HQ and asked for change in Government, essentially, asking to be removed from power. All Macedonians would agree with him on this one!

The SDS leader has zero control over anything he says, and it appears he has zero understanding of the things he does say.

But the real question in all this is, at what point do professional psychiatrists step in and remove Zaev from power for not having the mental capacity to be in charge of a lemonade stand, let alone a country?

  • V.M.

    This guys is a threat to his family, let alone the country…