Zaev visits Erdogan to discuss passports issued to criminals


Macedonia’s marijuana boss, Zoran Zaev, visited Turkey this weekend. With his psycho-like stance with his head tilted to his left, hands to his chest, Zaev approached Erdogan who welcomed him to his palace.

The visit of SDSM leader outside of Macedonia’s borders is the first of its kind in nearly three years. No European leader is willing to meet with Zoran Zaev due to his countless corruption scandals which happen on daily basis as if on a film reel.

The real reason Zoran Zaev is in Turkey is because Erdogan made the ‘mandatory visit’ request around two weeks ago. If you guessed the visit has something to do with illegal passports (Sedet Peker) being issued to mobsters, you’d be right. Erdogan wants first hand information from Zaev how many Macedonian passports were illegally issued by his Government to Turkish and Middle-Eastern criminals and what their ‘new identities’ are.

It’s interesting to note, during the visit, Zaev kept his hand(s) to his chest literally 90% of the time. Psychologists claim this is a hallmark move of pathological liars and psychopaths.