Zaev wants to legalize drug trafficking under the EU flag


DPNE accused Zoran Zaev and the Minister of Health Venko Filipce want to push through the marijuana law under the “European flag” procedure in the Parliament.

Party spokesman Dimce Arsovski said at Saturday’s press conference that DPNE will oppose it because none of the criteria by which a law can be pass in Parliament under the “European flag” procedure has been met.

It is a law that is only in the interest of the drug mafia, ie the Zaev cartel that leads that mafia, Arsovski said.

He added that VMRO-DPMNE will remain to the end against the personal interests of the Zaev family drug cartel and will not accept a law that should make the criminal Zaev and his family the richest drug cartel, and Zoran Zaev the richest drug boss in the Balkans to the detriment of the citizens.