Zaev: Who? I am a Narco Dealer? No way, I just ‘donated’ an Ambulance


SDSM financed media outlets have reported that a company owned by the Zaev family has donated a 2nd equipped ambulance to transport patients to the Strumica hospital. In addition to the vehicle, protective equipment has been donated to the employees of the Covid Center.

With a billion euros unaccounted from the Macedonian budget, this ambulance would certainly cover that gap? Last November, a few days after the director of the Strumica hospital begged people on Facebook for donations in order to buy a vehicle for the hospital, Zoran Zaev took advantage of the situation and personally donated an equipped ambulance to the Strumica hospital.

Zoran Zaev’s job is to provide hundreds of ambulances for the hospitals in the country, and not for him and his family to donate.

Meanwhile, the Zaev family is mentioned in the Mafia affair, a major US DEA operation to crack down on international drug trafficking where the highest echelons of the Macedonian Government and Police are involved.