Zaev will investigate himself who was Goce Delcev


Zoran Zaev said Thursday on MTV hat he will open all archives to see if Goce Delcev was Macedonian or Bulgarian. He is convinced that he will find a solution with Bulgaria following the example of the Agreement with Greece and that Delcev should not divide us but bring us closer.

According to Zaev, Goce Delcev fought for social rights and against the Ottomans, but omitted to say that he fought for an independent Macedonia.

We have archives here and in Bulgaria, we will take those archives out for people to see publicly and transparently. History is important, but it should be the starting point for the future. I believe that the documents in our archive are the same as in the Bulgarian one. We will quote them and we will find the solution and through that both sides will emerge as winners, explained Macedonia’s amoeba-in-charge Zoran Zaev.

Just to think that St. Cyril and Methodius gave this guy a Master’s Degree!