Zaev with a problem – Judge refuses to throw out bribery evidence


The phone to PM Baily’s office is ringing continually this morning.

Something that even we didn’t think it’s possible, happened earlier today. A Court judge refused to throw out video evidence of Zaev’s request of 200,000 euros in bribe in order to grant a Strumica businessman a building permit.

Who is this brave judge that PM Jess Baily wasn’t able to buy with Swarovski crystals, paid vacations to the armpit (Florida) of the US? Her name is Lenka Davitkova who took over the case from judge Dijana Gruevska Ilievska who didn’t have the courage to follow the law so she took a 40 day vacation.

As a result the Court case was postponed to November 20th.

Zaev received the ruling today and says he will fight for justice until the end, for what he calls a ‘politically motivated case against him’. The idiot is filmed asking for 200,000 euros in bribes on camera from a businessman in order to let him build in Strumica despite the businessman having submitted all the necessary documentation and paid his building fees. Yes, this definitely seems “politically” motivated.

Meanwhile, according to at least four businessmen that aren’t tied to the Zaev clan in Strumica, all have told us that bribery is an absolute must if you’d like to have business in Strumica. Two had paid Zaev 25,000 euros to obtain a permit for a shop, while others have paid upwards of 50-100,000 euros depending on the size of the object.