Zaev would let DPNE ‘In’, if No jail & Vice’s billion euro businesses left alone


A number of specific criminal allegations were discussed during the marathon late night meeting between the leaders of DPNE and SDSM, opposition source say, describing how Zoran Zaev wanted to avoid any serious investigation into alleged crimes perpetrated by himself and his associates.

Zaev reportedly insisted that the newly created Special Prosecutor’s Office, which should replace the thoroughly discredited SPO led by Katica Janeva, is not allowed to investigate cases such as the racketeering allegations that surfaced in the past months and involve Janeva but also top officials of Zaev’s SDSM party.

The allegations of corruption against Dragi Raskovski, the Secretary General of Zaev’s Government who was recorded ordering what steps should be taken with regard to a major procurement of air traffic control equipment, were also declared off limits by Zaev, opposition sources say.

He also insisted that there is no investigation into the “Russian pranksters” scandal, during which two Russians recorded Zaev giving up secrets to individuals pretending to be the President of Ukraine Petro Porosenko and the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Zaev is also sensitive to his brother Vice Zaev billion dollar marijuana business. That too is off limits for the DPNE should they be allowed in power.

“At one point, Zaev nervously said that he will not allow charges to be brought against him, and that he must have control over the head of this new unit of prosecutors. He then agreed that a new department is created, but insisted that it has mandate to investigate cases only after the day of its creation”, an opposition official said.

Negotiations, negotiations…

Zaev to journalists after the meeting: Hey do you want a statement…
Journalists: Not really, not from you…