Zaevistan: In 3 years Macedonia in debt by additional 1.8 Billion Euros


In 2017, during the time of “tyranny” as the SDSM called it, Macedonia’s public debt was 47.7% of the GDP, or 4.7 Billion euros.

Only three years later, the years of Zaev’s ‘enlightenment’ and the criminal nests of SDSM/DUI Macedonia’s public debt is 59.5% of the GDP or 6.5 Billion Euros.

Where did 1.8 Billion euros go missing?

Zaev’s Government borrowed from international creditors 1.8 Billion euros, including 650+ million euros for the coronavirus… Were Zaev, Sekerinska, Ahmeti and Obidzuko Spasovski working on a vaccine? Where did this money go, what was it spent on?