Zaev’s advisor caught stealing blankets, clothing in Florida mall


One of Zaev senior advisors Zoran Basanovic, a well known and prosecuted criminal from Serbia who was expeditiously issued a Macedonian citizenship by the SDS was arrested in Florida after stealing blankets, clothing and perfumes with his wife Bojana, reports Serbian daily “Alo”.

Per the Florida police report, the store owner alerted police after seeing Basanovic removing tags from merchandise and staffing it in bags.

The police followed Basanovic to his car in the parking lot where he was arrested. They found four bags of stolen goods from the shopping center.

It is quite astonishing to say the least that every single government “advisor” in the Baily government has been convicted for various crimes that range from theft to fraud, with the majority even spending time behind bars.

  • R_U_Jhoking

    What a loser.

  • Its Just Me

    You have to be a criminal, to become a member of SDS (socially destructive society).

  • jj

    If U.S. jails them it will benefit Macedonia – the longer the jail sentence the better.

  • Its Just Me

    oh yes if they jail him (what else is there to do?), should hit the news how bad the theater government is, which Baily set up… oh no!..
    I cannot wait the rest of the government to do some shopping abroad! 🙂

    • jj

      I was also thinking that people like him get away with this in the Balkans – they can steal from and abuse the people/state and get away with it due to other corrupt/criminal government officials, police, etc. But they stupidly continue their habits abroad – and that’s when they finally get a bit of the punishment they deserve.
      Unfortunately, when they are returned they will probably up right where they left off.

  • Billy

    I am sure Baily will make a phone call to the State Department…