Zaev’s advisor Rashkovski has made a 2nd illegal software ‘purchase’


Another corruption scandal involving Zaev’s top adviser Dragi Raskovski was revealed by Fokus today. The site reports that as Secretary General of Zaev’s cabinet, early last year Raskovski approved a three year contract with the Aitonix company for software licensing. The contract is worth 16 million EUR.

Aitonix made the bid together with another company that was founded only a few years ago and reported zero revenue since then. A rival software company appealed Raskovski’s decision citing defects with Aitonix’s bid and the contract was canceled in May but the next day the Government re-issued the bid and removed requirements that obstructed the Aitonix bid. Aitonix won the contract with an offer that was only 200 EUR lower than the competing bid, which indicates they had access to the competing offers.

Raskovski is currently detained after he was charged with signing contracts with a company he was involved with to purchase software he allegedly developed for 180,000 EUR.