Zaev’s advisor warns Iran: Be wary of Macedonian army once it becomes member of NATO


Zaev’s advisor for foreign affairs Dane Taleski has issued a stern warning to Iran, and no, this isn’t a joke. “Be wary of Article 5, once Macedonia becomes a member of NATO, the alliance is stronger and if we go back to Article 5, an attack on one, is an attack on all, Iran is in trouble” stated Taleski, somehow with a straight face.

Considering Macedonia can be conquered by my extended family, Iran should certainly be wary of the newest member to the Alliance and its army who just recently received 40 pairs of brand new boots.

As for Dane Taleski, he hails from Mariovo so lets hope Iran doesn’t google Taleski, because there goes Mariovo… If it’s up to us, a used condom like Taleski would be put on a flight and parachuted into Iraq at 4am, to help his strategic partner.

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Genius advisor to Zaev’s former cabinet, Dane Taleski, somehow still allowed to make statements

Meanwhile, NATO member Montenegro (this also isn’t satire) has debated and decided not to send its TWO (2) soldiers to Iraq. Looks like Milosh and Nemanja will enjoy their Christmas brake at home.

NATO being NATO again. Germany, Canada, Croatia, Bulgaria… have all removed their personnel from Iraq.

  • Steven Arviv

    There was an old saying in the Bitola region… “чукнат ѕо чорап мариовски” which translated means “whacked with a sock from Mariovo”. This was used when describing someone who is so idiotic that it is impossible to take them seriously.

  • V.M.

    If Prodigy called the USA “Fat of the Land”…. then Macedonia is clearly “Stupid of the Land”… where do they find these people… how are these interviews conducted, what is being asked?

    Hello, are you a damn idiot?
    – Yes
    Welcome to the Government, you’re the new adviser.

  • The traitors and scums of Macedonia Zoran Zaeban, Nikola Dickheadrov, Retardmila Shiterinska and the rest of the SDSM Political Party traitors and scums of Macedonia all need to be all lined up in a row and executed by a few bullets in their chests from the AK-47 of the Macedonian Soldiers of the Army Of Republic Of Macedonia.