Zaev’s brother: Marijuana plants are not ours, belong to our cousins who work for us


Zoran Zaev’s brother Vice Zaev, who is repeatedly named in numerous businesses that thrive due to the influence of the “ruling family” insisted that he does not directly own marijuana plants in Macedonia. In an interview, Vice Zaev said that the plants in Sveti Nikole and Valandovo are actually owned by his cousins, who in turn work for him. But that doesn’t make him the owner, says Vice Zaev who’s got similar mental issues

I’m not without sin, but 90 percent of the things I’m being charged with are not true, Vice Zaev said.

Besides the rapidly growing marijuana business, which is closely linked to the Government’s power to issue permits and is already leading to drug related rise in crime, Vice Zaev is often mentioned in construction businesses, also linked with Government contracts. 

Nobody has publicly complained that I extorted money from him, or have taken over his businesses. Everything they say is based on speculations, on hearsay. I never use my influence. This is from a guy who parked his Maybach at a crosswalk in downtown Skopje, halting all traffic while he went shopping.

Vice Zaev first became a well known public figure in 2015, when a leaked video tape showed Zoran Zaev, then the Mayor of Strumica, asking for money from a local businessman to facilitate the sale of publicly owned land. Zoran Zaev casually told the businessman to give the bribe to his brother “Viceto”.