Zaev’s coalition partner: Too much bribery during elections


In an interview with Telma TV’s popular show Top Tema, Zaev’s junior coalition partner Zijadin Sela said there has been too much voter bribing during the local elections, adding it’s still ongoing.
Sela blamed the police that not just it did not prevent the bribery, but was a participant in it. We have SDSM and DUI in places like Aracinovo and Struga where the votes are turned upside down, explained Sela.

– If we want to have fair and democratic elections, we can’t focus on the polling station, but instead what is happening 30 meters away from the polling station. We need to focus what is going on one day before the elections and the day of the elections. Voters are given cash as they head to the polls. There are people driving cars without license plates as if this is some wild lawless nation where the police makes no effort to prevent any of this. Police must act quickly to neutralize such illegal activities, instead we’re getting information that police is involved in this and protects criminals who carry bags with huge sums of cash and give them to voters. This is ongoing – says Sela.

Keep in mind that Zijadin Sela is partner in Zaev’s led Government.

  • Legenda Patriot

    When will the people of Macedonia wipe these criminals from the face of the earth?