Zaev’s driver, Spasovski’s friend involved in transporting drugs


Senior police officer who was detained today in a major police operation, in which a large quantity of drugs (200kg marijuana) was seized, was close to the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and the Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski, stated Macedonian media. According to them, the senior police officer from Prilep often appeared in the company of Zaev and Spasovski.

Moreover, the van packed with drugs was followed for security reasons by Trajce Zaev’s driver. If you think this is bad, the van itself is believed to be owned by Zaev’s family company, however the media is currently quite on this information despite the fact dozens of social media users from Strumica have confirmed the van belongs to the Zaev family, or as they call them the “Zaev cartel”.

Today, around 2 pm, on the road from Pletvar to Kavadarci, one lane was blocked by twenty police officers in civilian clothes. Two vehicles, a van and an Audi car were stopped. Later, Spasovski informed on Facebook that a police operation was carried out in which drugs were seized.

Not a day goes by, where Zaev and Spasovski are involved in criminal activities. There are sometimes multiple scandals daily.