Zaev’s Friends behind opening of Nazi Clubs in Macedonia


With a collage of photos in which the Bulgarian businessman Milen Vrabevski is photographed in the Macedonian government, DPNE wants to show that the financier of the fascist clubs was, in fact, the main guest of SDSM.

Milen Vrabevski, who the media report is the main financier of the fascist clubs Vanco Mihajlov and Tsar Boris, was the chief guest in Zaev’s government. People around Zaev are the people who open Nazi clubs, Zaev himself has said the same publicly on Bulgarian television. Will SDSM disassociate itself from Zaev, if they don’t disassociate themselves, they are just a continuation of his policy, which we see they faithfully follow. SDSM of the deserter Kovacevski practically enabled the opening of fascist clubs and does nothing to prevent their opening, says DPNE in a press release.

People around Zaev are the people who open fascist clubs

Bulgarian tycoon Dr. Milen Vrabevski is behind the cultural centers “Ivan Mihajlov” in Bitola and “Tsar Boris” in Ohrid. The support of the centers is part of the long-term program of Vrabevski and the Bulgarian Remembrance Foundation for cross-border cooperation, integration and European perspective of “compatriots” in Macedonia.

In Bulgaria, he is known as a philanthropist who is the founder of the “Bulgarian Memory” Foundation, and in the country, his name became known when last May he enabled Macedonian citizens to be vaccinated against Covid-19 through his company “Komak Medical” at the Stanke Lisickovo-Delcevo and Zlatarevo-Novo Selo border crossings.

He does not hide that the Bulgarian Nazi clubs in the country are opened with his sponsorship and often makes statements on this topic in the local media.

Besides being a doctor, Vrabevski is also the owner of a large company for clinical research. At the beginning of the pandemic, he also donated older equipment to hospitals in Macedonia.