Zaev’s Government coalition near collapse


Zoran Zaev’s Government is facing collapse after BESA, the Alliance of Albanians removed their directors from all Government positions after the SDS decided to appoint Venko Filipce as the new Minister of Health, leaving AA’s Zijadin Sela without a ministerial position.

AA now has 2 MPs listed as “independent”, and 1 who changed teams and moved to DUI which essentially keeps the Government coalition alive, currently at 60 MPs – which means they have no majority in the 120 seat Parliament.

To complicate things further, the DPMNE is boycotting parliament and there isn’t a political party available that would brought up a no-confidence vote which would result in dismissal of Zaev’s government and early elections.

Macedonian political analyst believe the situation is quite serious considering the fact that the SDS can bring up a and pass a vote on any part of the Tirana platform. One of the analysts Aleksandar Dashtevski says that while the SDS can not pass any important laws (NATO, EU, name change…) for which 2/3rds of Parliament is required, they can still do much damage by implementing the Tirana Platform, such as the latest efforts by Zaev to remove the border between Macedonia and Albania and Macedonia and Kosovo.

“Zaev will be kept in power until most of the Tirana platform is passed, which include the federalization of the country. Then he will be removed because he will no longer be needed”.

Dashtevski believes the AA and BESA may enter in coalition with DPMNE, considering the broken relationship between Sela and Zaev and BESA and the SDS.

It was the three votes by Zijadin Sela which allowed Zaev and the SDS to form a Government. The challenge now is, should there be snap parliamentary elections, even bigger electoral fraud is expected with the SEC under SDS control which could easily result in Zaev getting 75-80 MPs. This of course will lead to the SDS unilaterally changing Macedonia’s name.

  • Its Just Me

    Congratulations!!! 🙂 well if there are new elections, people will vote differently (a lot are dissapointed, maybe in every party..) so how can they set up the results?
    Finally good news 🙂

    • Goran Stavreski

      Easily. There are examples of the SEC taking 150 votes for DPMNE and 15 votes for SDS and flipping them… registering them as 150 for SDS, 15 for DPMNE, this was done across the country.
      This is how even drug dealers in some municipalities “won” the elections.

      • Its Just Me

        unfortunately we all know about this.. Since Zaev is notoriously bad in math, I think they just again made a mistake and put 1.500.000 votes instead of the 150 😉 😀

        Luckily they did not count 15 Mio votes in Macedonia 🙂

        still good news he has no coalition, no voters, nobody loves him so he has to celebrate new year abroad.. I think we will get a change in power soon.. it was about time 🙂