Zaev’s “guarantee” lasts 1 hr, BESA says country must be redefined


Zaev’s Albanian coalition partners, despite SDS’ alleged guarantees to keep the unitary character of the country intact. appear to have a different set of ideas.

Just an hour after Zaev received the mandate from Ivanov, BESA’s Bilal Kasami in an interview for TV21 says the Tirana platform must be implemented, which means the country must be redefined.

Kasami says at no point did Zaev ask his party to refrain from their demand to implement the Tirana platform.

At today’s meeting between Zaev and Kasami, there wasn’t a discussion whether BESA will take part in the new Government. For Kasami, his party’s conditions to take part in the Government are explicitly stated in the Tirana platform.

Zaev will first meet with DUI, then BESA and lastly with the Ziadian Sela’s AA.

  • R_U_Jhoking

    US sponsored communist thugs will now completely destroy the country.

    • Athan Paris

      The US under the Neo Con Regime of George W. Bush and the special interest money of George Soros, in the first week of Bush’s Presidency (2001) accorded the name and all in entails-thereby falsifying history and committing an act of Criminal negligence. The US finally understands the stupidity of trying to falsify history for Geo Political Gain and army bases. The only way further for FYROV is to change the name and constitution to “Republic of the Vardar”..or ..”Central Balkan Republic”..The name Macedonia and all it entails will forever be Greek. You should be proud of your Slavonic roots (Paeonia) and your Bulgarian language.

      • R_U_Jhoking

        I think you should stick to the problems in your own “country” and not waste your time trying to spread your zionist propaganda. Just look at what you “country” has become, a prostitute slave to the globalists.

        • Athan Paris

          Soon enough we will leave the toxic EU..but make no mistake..we the Greeks have exposed the poison that is the EU…I only hope you have better luck in the EU when you change your name…You are correct by using the term Globalists…they want to control the world through a single currency and no borders…as for Zionism….if you consider the Orthodox faith to be Zionist…we are both lost…