Zaev’s ‘historian’ gives Delchev to Sofia


Angel Dimitrov, Bulgarian member of the joint expert commission which Macedonia and Bulgaria formed to go over the history books, school books and public discourse in both countries, announced that the next meeting on February 19th will be used to decide which historic events and persons will be honored jointly by the two countries.

Bulgaria, which has tried to recruit Macedonians as ‘their own’, pushed hard for a treaty under which Macedonia will agree to alter the interpretation of historic events and heroes and to accept that many of them will be celebrated jointly. Should it refuse to do so, Bulgaria blackmailed the Government in Skopje it would block the country’s path towards NATO and the EU.

Macedonia’s illegitimate Government led by Zoran Zaev has already made a rule out of celebrating events like the anniversary of the Ilinden Uprising, or the birth of Goce Delcev, in Bulgaria, along with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. During the latest visit, Zaev announced that a monument to Colonel Kavarnaliev will be placed in Dojran to commemorate the brutal First World War battle in which Bulgaria and the British expeditionary corps fought over and eventually destroyed the city.

Despite the fact Macedonia defeated Bulgaria in WW2, sentencing many Bulgarian officers and collaborators to death, thanks to Zaev, the new history books will view Bulgaria’s fascists who fought side by side with the Nazis as “liberators” of sorts. This is the equivalent of Poland celebrating Hitler as their savior.

Zaev’s representatives has had no remarks, comments of any kind and have already “given up” tsar Samoil, Goce Delcev, Grigor Prlichev to Bulgaria.

Macedonian representatives in the commission, as well as in the parallel commission set up with Greece, have the right to make their own requests and proposals, but given the fact that Bulgaria and Greece hold veto power over Macedonia’s EU accession, so far they haven’t even made a single public proposal that would advance the idea of Macedonian nationhood.

In fact, as if by predetermined outcome, the three member team of “historians” representing Zaev has volunteered all Macedonian poets, writers, revolutionaries, kings, national heroes to Bulgaria without as much as an afterthought.

Bulgaria’s representative, Angel Dimitrov said that the upcoming February meeting will show how committed Zaev is to implementing the articles of the agreement he signed with Bulgaria.

Macedonia’s illegitimate government for its part is determined to give up even the things that Bulgaria doesn’t ask for.