Zaev brings TM-170s armed with machine gun turrets to meet protesters


Private vehicles entering Skopje have reported at the main artery to the city, 6 police vehicles were seen, likely awaiting buses from around the country.

The boycott movement has urged people traveling, should they be blocked from entering Skopje to block traffic in both directions.

Update: Police has already blocked a dozen buses, but also private vehicles from entering Skopje. MINA’s Pero Stamatovski confirms all entrances to Skopje are blocked by heavy police presence.

Here a bus from Prilep on their way to Skopje harassed by police as soon as it left Prilep. Dozens more buses were stopped at toll roads, and are not allowed to continue their trip.

Local Macedonian TV stations are not allowed to report/mention the protest. It’s all part of USAid $15m investment in media freedom in the country.

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TM-170 Hermelines with machine guns seen gathering in the downtown area…

Posted by Љупчо Палевски on Sunday, November 18, 2018

Despite all this, thousands are gathering…

  • Legenda Patriot

    Disgusting! Absolute filth. Why is this stinking turd still walking the earth?

  • Macedonian Forever

    For shame! To call in military police against your own people! Macedonians who are defending their rightful name and protecting ASNOM and the inherent human right to self determination!
    The military should be arresting the perpetrators Zaev and all the rest of them!