Zaev’s junta has summoned hundreds of citizens to Police Stations threatening them not to Protest


Hundreds of Macedonians in Skopje, Struga, Veles, Ohrid, Bitola have been summoned to police stations after posting on social media they’ll be attending the protest in front of Parliament against the illegitimate Macedonian Government who are changing the Constitution and the country’s name despite 2/3rd of Macedonians rejecting this via a Referendum.
Update 9:25am: According to the Boycott movement, the number of summoned citizens across the country has reached 2,000.

The criminal Government junta is panicking by the number of protesters that will descend on Parliament and is attempting to instill fear into the public not to attend the protest.

Individuals who were summoned at the police stations were told by cops they were radicals and will be arrested if they attended the protest. Suddenly Chausesku is looking pretty good, compared to Baily’s fascist junta.

See you tomorrow in front of Macedonia’s Bordel (Parliament).