Zaev’s new Government General Secretary is anti NATO


Macedonia’s new general secretary of the Government Dragi Rashkovski strongly opposes NATO, in fact, he’s turned in publications listing why it’s a terrible idea for Macedonia to become part of NATO, among some of Rashkovski’s reasons: “they bomb sovereign nations, collaborate with terrorists”.

This is certainly an interesting partnership, because Zaev’s most important goal is NATO and EU integration, however his friend Rashkovski doesn’t share his opinion.

At a 2006 meeting named “Ivo Puhan”, Rashkovski published a text titled “No to NATO” in which he goes into detail all of the negative characteristics this military alliance carries with it, at the same time listing the reasons why Macedonia as a country should stay as far away as possible from this organization.

This is what Rashkovski states in his text, which we believe to be superb, although no one is sure if he still holds that opinion now that he is in the Government…

“My speech today will not be based upon NATO’s statutes or statements of its leadership, instead I will focus on the reality. NATO has become the most feared word around the world for all countries that have worthy within them, but nobody worthy behind them (to protect them). To join their dance we need to dance according to their dune, but we’ve been doing this for years without yielding any results. And this is great news for us, because their love kills.

To catch Milosevic they destroyed Serbia, all of it. Bombed everything and anything, even places where there are not even theoretical chances for Milosevic to be located: factories, civilians, residential buildings, hospitals, TV stations, even foreign Embassies. But the old fox always moved around, so NATO decided to blow up dozens of bridges to limit his movement!? NATO’s absurd arrogance and evil was on display as they never bothered to seek permission at the UN Security Council. What regime was NATO removing by bombing schools? NATO publicly claimed they were bombing to prevent the exodus of Albanians, while half of the Albanians were saying they are running away from NATO’s bombs.
The bombing stopped when Serbia requested a cease fire. NATO didn’t find Milosevic, which means their true goals had nothing to do with him.

Macedonia continued to nod their head, we accepted 350,000 Albanians from Kosovo as refugees, at our own cost. We did receive pats on our backs from NATO.
To thank us further, NATO took over the border with Kosovo from the Kosovo side. Once NATO completely took over Kosovo, hundreds of terrorists started entering Macedonia. NATO told us the terrorists were farmers. Apparently, there was a massive farming convention in Macedonia that we weren’t told about.
Numerous terrorists attacks unfolded in Macedonia from these farmers. To make things interesting, when Macedonia encircled these terrorists, NATO stepped in and dislocated them somewhere else, just to make things interesting for us.

NATO told us there is no fair play, warned us not to hit their farmers turned freedom fighters hard, but instead use light weapons, even though we are at home, on our own territory. It was normal for these farmers to burn down houses belonging to Macedonians, to expel them from villages, to massacre soldiers.

NATO used and abused our bases, highways and never paid for anything. Our beautiful crystal clean lakes became radioactive, all sorts of materials was dumped by NATO without telling anyone.

We were portrayed as a country where minority rights do not exist, in Macedonia the rules were created as it suited them. The Ohrid Framework agreement was put in place followed by their brainwashing act how great this document is. They are asking us for proportional representation, yet in NATO’s attack on Serbia, out of 680 planes, 500 were American. Is this NATO-NATO or US-NATO with their small vassal island of the UK.

Entering NATO is not feasible economically. Do we need to again increase our VAT tax? Besides, I believe we’ve had enough experiences with NATO guarantees already. God forbid to receive more guarantees from NATO, or to have our safety depend on NATO.

Now, is Dragi Rashtevski still the same person who wrote the above text in 2006? If he is, he will quickly be replaced. We certainly have doubts Baily would allow someone like Rashkovski in the Government.

  • LXV

    So, what you’re saying is that Crpko has employed a 30 year old to be the .gov’s GenSec? (he was a sophomore at the Faculty of Law in 2006 when he wrote that speech)

    The question remains: whose “asset” is this Rashkovski guy and what has he “achieved” to be awarded such a high position?