Zaev’s father stole electricity, was tried and convicted


Pance Zaev, the father of the Mayor of Strumica Zoran Zaev committed electricity theft and the Basic Court in Strumica on December 13th 2012 convicted him. The verdict number is 874/2012 and as such is filed in the Court registry.

Panche Zaev managed to steal 15.470 kw which translated into damaging the local utility network for 144.329 denars.

On the other hand, the company Zovi Promet, whose owner is none other but our very own electric talisman Pance Zaev, has received all available contracts to procure equipment for Strumica’s kindergartens in the amount of 350,000 euros.

Yesterday, Zaev announced he wants to use taxpayers money to “help” people who have not paid their electricity bills in an over the top ploy to obtain votes for the upcoming presidential elections.

Here is a thought, Zaev can actually pay his father’s utility bills and explain to him the dangers of stealing electricity.

And now the dagger.
SDSM sold Macedonia’s electric utility company to Austrian EVN for measly 180m euros, despite being valued at over 750m euros.
Years later, and after meeting with Sebastian Kurtz a fortnight ago, Zaev wants to give EVN 110m euros of taxpayers money for delinquent accounts!? EVN essentially got one of the most valuable Macedonian utility services company – for free.

  • Wolf

    Zaev js a waste of time. link below.
    Edited 31 of jan 2019.
    Greeks are busy changing their history. This will Macedonian history.
    Go to bottom of page on link above.

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    Another edited page. link below.
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  • Goran Stavreski

    We need a coordinated effort on WikiPedia… the “greeks” and particularly the tatars have been editing literally every single page on Wikipedia, they made my father’s village and basically every village in Macedonia ‘bulgarian’

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    Wikipedia will be to difficult. You need to start passing the word around. Starting with your friends.

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    Turks and tartars changing our history.
    Sons of fucking whores

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    sds was probably in ds allowing this caricature to mingle through their own integrity/credibility and keep voting ridiculous non-laws … or more probable there are no Macedonians left in it.
    Then it is easy to sell someone elses assets.
    Stolen car will always belong to original owner. Never to greedy buyer.