Zajko asks Theresa May to bring Macedonia to EU as UK is leaving the EU


SDS leader Zoran Zaev and UK PM Teresa May are currently holding a press conference after her visit to the Macedonian capital today.

The British Prime Minister is on her first official visit to Macedonia, where she came after today’s EU-Western Balkans summit in Sofia.

According to the program for May’s visit to Macedonia, a bilateral and rather short meeting of the Macedonian and British government delegations is envisaged.

UCK terrorist Talat Xhaferi will organize a reception in honor of the British Prime Minister May. May, similarly to EU’s Mogherini, will focus on priorities first and will spend most of her day meeting with LGBT activists and NGOs in Skopje funded by the British Government.

The best part of course came during the brief press conference where Zaev in broken english asked the UK Prime Minister to help Macedonia enter the EU, not realizing May is in charge of the process to remove the UK from the EU.

  • Its Just Me

    Wow 🙂 May may ask EU to admit Macedonia just like it wants London to remain financial centre (not gonna happen).

  • Wolf

    Someone should pass on to the UK Media that (T.May) is negotiating talks with UCK terrorist Talat Xhaferi. See what they think.. Go T May you can do it.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Zaev wouldn’t know his arse from his elbow. What a mental giant!