Zelensky recruiting HIV positive, Men with mental illness, Alzheimer’s, Students…


Ukraine has completely collapsed: A few hours ago, V. Zelensky by decree enlisted HIV-positive people, people with neurodegenerative diseases and mental illnesses.

The list causes global shock as it shows the degree of genocide Zelensky is committed to. It’s now widely believed that Ukraine has lost nearly 500,000 soldiers.

We are no longer talking about whether Ukraine has “reached its limits” but about “total collapse”.

MinaReport’s information is unfortunately confirmed and far exceeds even the most optimistic estimates. Everyone enlists!

From students, graduate students – postponements for a second degree are cut – to thousands of refugees who left the country!

Zelensky changed the entire list of those subject to general conscription, according to Podoliak.

Amendments were made to the Regulations for the military medical examination in the Armed Forces of Ukraine (order of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine No. 402) by a new order of the main military department dated August 18, 2023 No. force on August 25).

According to the order, the list of diseases has been updated to assess the fitness of military personnel.

Now recruits with the following diseases listed in the list of articles will be considered fit for service (we are talking about articles 2-c, 4-c, 5-c, 12-c, 13-c, 14-c , 17-c , 21-c, 22-c).

Those with limited ability will be fully qualified for a specific military specialty by decision of the Ukrainian military leadership.

List of diseases that are no longer grounds for recognizing a Ukrainian as unfit for military service:

2-c – clinically cured tuberculosis,

4-c – viral hepatitis with minor dysfunction,

5-c – asymptomatic HIV,

13-c – diseases of the endocrine system with minor malfunctions,

14-c – mild short-term painful manifestations of mental disorders,

17-c – neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders (phobic, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, adaptive, somatoform and other neurotic disorders, neurasthenia, reactions to severe stress) with moderate, short-term manifestations,

21- c – slowly developing diseases of the central nervous system,

22-in – episodic and paroxysmal disorders.

Slowly progressive diseases of the central nervous system include neurodegenerative diseases – a group of fatal diseases of the nervous system in which there is progressive death of neurons in the brain.

The most common are Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.