Zelensky supported by Fake News Media continues with lies and propaganda


The first casualty of war is the truth. Indeed, Ukraine is having some serious, serious problems militarily against Russia, and this is an understatement. However, the one battle Ukraine is winning is the propaganda battle, with impressive levels non stop lies which are distributed on social media and through the western pr(e)stitute press every second.

The latest comes from America’s Fake News factory the New York Times. Namely, the 129,000 Ukrainians who have fled Ukraine into Russia are “migrants” according to the newspaper, but those who have fled to Poland are “refugees“.

Why are 129,000 Ukrainians fleeing into Russia? By the way, the NYTimes lied, there’s been over 280,000 Ukrainians who have fled to Russia, not 129,000 as it claimed.

It is a moot point as to whether Ukrainians fleeing the country are fleeing from the Russians or from conscription by the former comedian Zelensky’s government?

After being relentlessy mocked on social media, the NYTimes changed the map and replaced “migrants” with “people”.

Zelensky, albeit hilariously portrayed in US and British Media as a “hero underdog”, has given AK-47 to anyone who asks for it, including the release from prison of over 3,000 gang members and Nazis who in turn started shooting civilians left and right, begun controlling neighborhoods and have robbed businesses. It’s what you’d expect a “hero” to do. But the goal of this is to pin “atrocities” on the Russians (this is already in the works).

Yesterday came more lies about “targeting of Jewish Holocaust memorial center” in Kiev. Zelensky came on TV and stated the Russians had targeted it and destroyed, followed by a cannonade of fake news by American media.

As it turned out, the whole story, like dozens before it, was a hoax. Jewish Media in Israel reported that the Memorial wasn’t hit, but the propaganda machine to demonize the Russians is in full swing, as it has been for years. No American/British media have corrected their story, they are still running with it.

Above is the latest gem from US and UK media.

Militarily, Russia has started off quiet slow and according to many analysts, with extreme care. Zelensky, the hero that he is, first banned any male from 18-60 from leaving the country (Hitler did the same thing), then asked all Ukrainian women to turn into enemy combatants and throw molotov cocktails at Russian soldiers. The goal is to have as many civilians killed as possible. The Russians know this, and have instructed their soldiers not to react to unarmed civilians, even those throwing molotov cocktails.

Over the past two days, Moscow has ramped up its military operation. Ukraine no longer has a navy, its air force is gone too. There are raging battles in Mariupol, the city that has over 20,000 hardcore Azov Nazi members who are responsible for much of the civilian deaths in Donbass. They are being surrounded from the Black Sea, DPR on the East and from the NW by Russian units. Moscow opened escape roads for civilians, however the Azov members have not allowed civilians to leave the city, have killed many who tried, there are disturbing videos available on social media showing these killings.

Considering the atrocities by Azov members, one can venture a guess that the Russians will not be taking too many prisoners there.

As it stands today, the US and Brits are not letting their minion Zelensky surrender and essentially save the country and prevent Ukraine’s military being sent back 100 years. Little late for that.

However, all of this goes well beyond Ukraine and it’s mostly to do with Germany, Russia and how it will impact American dominance in Europe.

It was in Germany’s interest to connect directly with Russia. This caused great fear in US and the Atlantic countries, because they are afraid of the Moscow-Berlin axis. They are afraid of German discipline and capital on the one hand, and Russian resources, human values and the territory on the other.

If an axis is made here, then Atlantic countries have nothing to look for in Europe. That is why the first American reaction was to disrupt the gas pipelines in all possible ways, to close them if necessary. But, without those gas pipelines, Europe, and primarily Germany, would have nothing to expect.

We are far from the Third World War, but the geopolitical repackaging of the world is underway. It is not at its beginning. It started with the empowerment of China, and then Russia. Russia has shown that it will not tolerate the presence of Washington`s vassals in its environment, which will not respect Russian geopolitical interests and will pursue a pro-Washington policy. Not in Russia’s backyard.

Lastly, it pays to be an American marionette. Zelensky has several villas across Europe, two in Italy, two in France.