Zelenskyy is in Poland since February, Videos have Fake Background


MinaReport has reported back on February 26, and then on March 6th that the Ukrainian president has fled Ukraine and is currently staying at the US Embassy in Poland. Brussels, Washington and London are all aware of this fact. However, to keep the moral high and to continue the war, Zelenskyy in the western press is portrayed as hero’s hero who has refused to leave Kiev!

Take a look at Zelenskyy’s latest video.

In the first 3 seconds when Zelenski takes a step forward, the perspective (the background) indicates that he is in a much smaller room.

Despite Kiev being a warzone, the sound is incredibly clean and there are no outside sounds in any of his videos, even though Zelenskyy doesn’t have a microphone. Likely a studio microphone overhead.

Look at the picture behind it – there is no shift, no flash in the sky or anything else. It is obviously a “stillimage”, an inserted background.

Look at the edges of his body, the break between the studio and the inserted still image can be seen by careful observation.

Just two days ago, we were fed info that Slovenia, Czech and Poand’s deputy Prime Ministers traveled to Kiev to meet with Zelenskyy. These folk heroes, traveled 7 hours by train from Lvov to Kiev, even though Russia has already bombed the railways to disrupt weapons deliveries.

Of course they didn’t go to Kiev, it’s the most idiotic thing you can think of. All three PMs met with Zelenskyy in Poland. However, they have to continue the story that Zelenskyy is in Kiev. He isn’t.