Zoki’s Macedonia land of innovations: €57,000 for a button on a website


Zokje, Alji, Artan have taken €12m euros from the people of Macedonia, and have given them to “innovators” who accidentally have all ties to the leadership in DUI and the SDSM. Keep in mind, this is the same group of bandits who went on national TV to say that Macedonia didn’t have 300,000 euros to service the firefighting planes.

Among the spectacular winners who received a piece of the 12m euros “innovation fund”, include the likes of:

Pizza Recipe: €36,000. Son of DUI official in Gostivar went on Google, and put together 3 sentences in MS Word (add flour, water, yeast… mix it together…) It’s a recipe for pizza. This… is… considered.. an.. innovation…in… Macedonia.

Button on a website: 57,000 . A company named “Paket Market” was awarded 57,000 euros for adding a button to an existing website for online marketing.

Jesus Christ!!


Few days old company ‘Park Tim’ got € 38,000 for a website which would allow homeowners to lease a private parking space. Wasn’t this called pazar3, reklama5 etc? But don’t fret, the man received 38,000 euros for the idea itself, no need to build an actual website for this spectacularly dumb idea.

For some other spectacular innovations, go to the following link: