Thaci: We want great Albania, but US needs to fight for it


Kosovo officials are in a panic mode. They have sent a document to all 28 EU members and the US in which they accuse Belgrade of having an army which is ready to fight. As an example, official Prishtina pointed to the “exercise” on May 9th, in which the Serbian army paraded their weaponry to mark the 72nd anniversary of defeating fascism.

According to Kosovo officials which themselves continue to train and send hundreds of jihadis to fight in Syria, the military parade in Belgrade is dangerous and a threat to the great Albania project.

As Belgrade based Informer reports, Kosovo officials are fully aware the Serbian army would literally run over Kosovo in 24 hours. However, official Prishtina has made a lot of noise and threats to its neighbors simply because it is hosting a US/NATO base on its territory.

Informer reports albanian officials in the region believe this is their moment, however it is critical that the brunt of the fighting is not done by them, but by Washington and Brussels. The ‘great albania’ project itself is backed by unelected elements in Washington commonly known as the Deep State, who are deeply involved in Albania’s narcotics trafficking, a multi billion dollar business.
However, the concern is, the project doesn’t have the full backing in the US administration who itself is in a vicious battle with the Deep State. Kosovo officials need to be 100% sure that Washington will back their fight immediately, as otherwise would be utterly destroyed.

Serbia’s former prime minister and current president Aleksandar Vucic has warned Kosovo officials not to attack the Serb minority in north Kosovo as they would face an immediate response from the Serbian army.

According to Informer, Kosovo still has a plan “to take” north Kosovo, and has already employed albanian lobbyst and CIA asset William Walker, who has backed the great albania project while in the Clinton administration and was deeply involved in a dirty media campaign to demonize Serbia in order to justify NATO’s aggression. ‘Every time rogue elements in the CIA activate Walker, something will happen’, says Informer.

Perhaps the following video shows why Thaci wants Washington to fight for great Albania.

  • Palo Alto

    I believe they will create greater Albanian, the west hates us the orthodox christians.