SDS vows to punish ‘provocateurs’ who brought in Macedonian flags during Super Cup



SDS Minister of Culture Robert Alagjozovski and his assistant Petrit Sarachini were furious after several kids, members of KUD Goce Delcev, entered Philip II Arena waving Macedonian flags as part of their cultural event.

Alagjozovski called this “huge provocation” and sought answers from the organizer to determine who was behind such decision.

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Alagjozovski concluded the individuals behind the ‘provocation’ were VMRO supporters. Both Alagjozovski and Sarachini demanded that Albanian, Turkish and Bulgarian flags should have been brought on the pitch as the country and the event didn’t belong to Macedonians, but to Albanians, Bulgarians and Turkish as well.

Alagjozovski vowed he will hunt down the provocateurs and fire them.

  • Jason

    Is this some sort of joke?

    There were not enough flags in the crowd which was very dissapointing.

    • Billy

      No joke my friend, country is run by lunatics.

  • R_U_Jhoking

    Welcome to Nazistan.

  • Luba

    They are in Macedonia you moron, and not in Bulgaria, or albanian, or any other country.

  • Wolf

    Macedonians are proud of their flag. Macedonia hosted the super cup, So its natural the Macedonian flag was up. Can someone remind Alagjozovski what country he is in. And i would only expect that any other flag that would and should have been hoisted by the fans of two Great Teams “Real Madrid FC flag”, and “Man U Flag”.
    Total = 3 Flags.
    No other country flag is needed (full stop.) for this great European tournament.

  • Its Just Me

    Hahaha this guy is so crazy!!!

    I also thought this was a joke :))))
    Insane, cant wait this theater government leaves