Greek media fairly certain Zaev will lose upcoming elections


The Greek Kathimerini paper predicts that Zoran Zaev’s Government will not be saved by the expected NATO accession and the opening of EU accession talks.

The Greek conservative paper notes that the NATO flag was raised in Skopje even though the ratification is not yet complete, and sees the move as the main pre-election campaign issue for Zaev’s SDSM party.

But is the Brussels vote (NATO, EU) enough for Zoran Zaev to win the April 12 election? No, even his own supporters in Skopje admit that they will not be judged by these goals, but by the citizens’ pockets and Zaev’s governance so far, for which there are several “skeletons in his closet”. Hence, the opposition VMRO DPMNE party is focusing its campaign on the deterioration in the economy and the growing corruption that Zaev has been campaigning for, but he seems to have grown in his tenure so far, Kathimerini reports.

The paper notes that the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party is downplaying the name issue, under pressure from the US and EU diplomats in Macedonia, and will campaign against Zaev on the economy and the Zaev’s corruption scandals.