Minister of Interior files criminal charges against care-taker PM Oliver Spasovski


Interim Interior Minister Nake Culev informed the public that he is filing two criminal charges against his predecessor, current caretaker Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski.

Culev said that Spasovski approved the appointment of three Ministry officers who were determined to be a security risk. Despite the negative security check, and the real security risk, the three were appointed to positions in the Ministry. One of the appointments was made a day before Spasovski left his office in the Interior Ministry to become Prime Minister.

The other charge covers Spasovski’s decision to overturn 142 appointments made by Culev, who were done in accordance with Culev’s authority in the Ministry. Spasovski raised the point at a Government session and it was determined to overturn five of Culev’s appointments. But the decision of the Government was altered, the number of revoked appointments increased to 142 and this altered decision was sent to the Official Gazette for publication.

The decision of the Government was falsified. This constitutes abuse of office on the part of the head of the Government, Culev said.

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