Trump gives presser live at White House as lights go out


US President Trump held a press conference elaborating on the progress of his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin — until the lights went out.

While Trump assured the press on Tuesday that he has “full faith and support for America’s intelligence agencies,” the conference room went dark for a moment as the lights dimmed, prompting him to say, “Oops, they just turned off the light. That must be the intelligence agencies…that was strange, but that’s OK.”

White House Goes Dark As Trump Gives Press Conference

Trump clarified comments he made about the U.S. intelligence community at the Helsinki meeting when he appeared to take its conclusion with a grain of salt that Russia hacked the 2016 U.S. election.

While the mainstream media went into hysterics over his comments, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) came to the president’s aid Tuesday to support his skepticism of the intel community given the politicized 18-month Trump-Russia “collusion” investigation by the FBI and DoJ.

It’s outright hilarious that US presidents aren’t allowed to say anything about their “Intel” agencies known the world over solely for deception, lies, recruiting terrorists and false flags. Yes, these are the people everyone should trust!? Even the delusional NY Times recently admitted the CIA spent $1 BILLION on jihadists in Syria.