Macedonian presidential elections begins in Australia – Boycott leads the way


Despite thousands of Macedonians being eligible to vote across Australia, only 66 registered in Melbourne, and only 37 showed up to vote.

16 people voted in Canberra, while no one showed up in Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.
No information is available on Sydney yet, however all indications are that the numbers there are also quite low.

To complete the embarrassment, the Government sent 6 SEC officials to Australia to ensure ‘smooth voting’.

This is a major defeat for Goga Soros and Stevo Pendarovski as the Macedonian diaspora opted to ignore both the “Government” and the “opposition”.

Meanwhile, the way the DPNE run SEC is reporting the results…

  • neutrinoz

    Boycott is Da People’s wrench. When system is broken we need to open and repair it. Substitute all burnt gaskets and faulty parts with new reliable ones.

  • V.M.


  • Golden shekels

    please publish the names of the 66 traitors

    • Legenda Patriot

      Absolutely. These retards must be brought out to the public’s attention.