Aussie Coins review – a first-hand impression of buying ETH with this crypto exchange


Aussie Coins review – a first-hand impression of buying ETH with this crypto exchange

The popularity of buying and selling cryptocurrencies in Australia has increased over the past several years, mainly due to a combination of favorable legislation, higher interest shown by the public, and positive developments in terms of market valuations.

Ethereum (ETH) is the second largest cryptocurrency in the world, currently one of the tokens under the spotlight of many market participants, given its price continues to impress. Our Aussie Coins review will focus on the terms and conditions when buying ETH with this crypto exchange, highlighting some of the main benefits Australian residents can take advantage of.

ETH outperforms BTC

Since the beginning of 2021, ETH has continued to edge higher, reaching new all-time highs, while at the same time, Bitcoin, the largest crypto in the world, has entered a consolidation phase, unable to break above the January 9th high.

Both retail and institutional interest has accordingly shifted towards ETH mainly, alongside other Altcoins. Given this is one of the tokens posting massive gains, our question is whether Aussie Coins manages to deliver in terms of rates, transparency, and registration, as well as other important requirements.

Aussie Coins Overview

Owned by SITA Global PTY LTD. and registered with AUSTRAC, Aussie Coins is a cryptocurrency exchange platform operating in Australia since 2020. Driven by its vision to provide customer-friendly service, at a time when crypto is still an unknown concept for the wider public, is one of the few brands that has managed to develop an infrastructure where people with no experience can easily get involved in buying crypto.

Registering with Aussie Coins

Residents of Australia can register for an account at by completing a series of simple tasks, including providing some personal details and verifying their email address. The whole process has been simplified, so anybody can get it done without any hurdles.

According to the Aussie Coins terms and conditions, all customers need to comply with a fast verification process. Thankfully, this procedure can be completed easily, and the only identification method needed is a driver’s license. Only for very large purchases, might Aussie Coins require additional identification documents like a proof of address.


We’ve found out that opening an account, depositing funds, and buying crypto can be completed in as little as several minutes, especially if it’s done during working days when Aussie Coins representatives are available to help.

Main Features at Aussie Coins

Aussie Coins accepts AUD deposits using POLi and PayID, two very fast payment methods, popular among Australian residents. Traders also have the option to deposit using a wire transfer, yet in this case, it could take up to several days until the money reaches their accounts.

Exchanging ETH at means no hidden fees or commission. Customers pay what they are quoted for, as the exchange fee is already calculated into the rate posted at the time the transaction is settled.

Security concerns are addressed thanks to industry-leading technologies. At the same time, customers need to provide a valid ETH wallet address before the transaction is processed, which means the exchange sends the tokens directly to the customers, reducing any custody-related risks.

Is Aussie Coins an optimal place to buy ETH?

After conducting an in-depth research into the ETH exchange services offered by Aussie Coins, we’ve concluded it is one of the optimal places where people can get involved in trading the second largest crypto in the world. With competitive and transparent rates, as well as a customer-oriented approach, Aussie Coins proves to be a reliable partner, committed to ensuring smooth access to the exciting world of cryptocurrencies. There are no doubts this is a brand worth taking into account.