Skopje city mayor Petre (Rakija) Shilegov spent 1.7m euros on Fire truck


Skopje Mayor Petar Silegov approved the purchase of a firefighting ladder truck for 1.7 million EUR, double what was paid by the city of Zagreb for the same piece of equipment.

The scandal was revealed by DPNE President Hristijan Mickoski yesterday, who warned Silegov that he will be held responsible for this and other criminal activities.

Mickoski cited news reports from Croatia, stating the purchase of the new generation firefighting vehicle from a Hungarian company, and its price. The price paid by the city of Zagreb was 800,000 EUR, for the same fire truck.

MINA finds from sources within the city of Skopje that the procurement office made the purchase via a Skopje based company owned by a relative of City’s first secretary. As usual with the SDSM, there are clear indications of corruption and upwards of 600,000+ euros were paid “extra” in other words pocketed by city officials and companies tied to them.

Silegov responded with an angrily written comment on his FB account.