14 Ukrainian Pilots and 7 Su27 planes destroyed during strike on Mirgorod Airfield


Russia hit the Mirgorod airfield in Poltava (140 km from the frontline) with an Iskander ballistic missile, destroying seven Su-27 fighters of the Ukrainian Air Force along with several pilots including those trained to fly F-16s.

The strike was carried out with the Iskander operational-tactical complex carrying a cluster-warhead missile. Once again a Russian reconnaissance drone was recording the entire operation.

According to the latest data, during the use of the “Iskander” missile, at least 14 pilots of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were killed, including pilots trained in Western countries for the American F-16 fighters.

The loss of seven Su-27 fighters is a very significant loss for the Ukrainian Armed Forces while reducing the ability to use NATO long-range high-precision missiles such as JDAM and French AASM-250 “Hammer” guided bombs.

All five Su-27s were reportedly operational and two were there for repairs. In fact, some were ready to take off.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry reported a group strike on Ukrainian airport infrastructure. The target was again the receiving bases of the F-16s. The strike was carried out with long-range Kalibr high-precision weapons, the Kinzhal hypersonic missile and drones.

Some Russian sources report that the Iskander missiles that hit the Mirgorod airport were not one but two, one of which had a cluster warhead to maximize damage.

The Ukrainians are talking about four missile attacks

Ukrainian citizens, citing the Ukrainian military, report that there have been four missile attacks on the airport. Not only missiles with cluster warheads were used, but also missiles with conventional warheads.

At the same time, the Ukrainian side emphasizes that after the first strike “the planes did not leave the airport and did not take off”.

Therefore, this indicates either that after the first strike, all Su-27 fighters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the Mirgorod air base were so damaged that they either could not take off, or there was no one to take off the fighters.

The former representative of the department, Yuriy Ignat, tried to justify the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

“When the enemy hits, and what can I say, he hits our airports every day, trying to destroy the Ukrainian air force, when sometimes he achieves his goal, then we are ready to tear everyone apart on social networks and say what “no they could, they didn’t.”

We have to calm our emotions.”