3 Suspected Coronavirus Cases Identified In Scotland


The BBC is reporting that a suspected case of coronavirus has been detected in Scotland.

Note: These are only suspected cases – not yet confirmed.

If confirmed, this would be the first case of the virus in the UK, and would indicate another intrusion into the developed world, this time in Europe.

The UK Health Secretary said Friday morning that the coronavirus is “increasingly likely” to hit Britain, the Times of London reports.

According to CNN, the number of coronavirus cases confirmed around the world has climbed to 622 (once again, the graphic below is ever-so-slightly out of date):

Update (0935ET): India’s foreign office said Thursday that an Indian nurse in Saudi Arabia has been diagnosed with the Wuhan coronavirus.

“About 100 Indian nurses mostly from Kerala working at Al-Hayat hospital have been tested and none except one nurse was found infected by Corona virus,” tweeted Vellamvelly Muraleedharan, Indian Minister of State for External Affairs, on Thursday.

Cases have also been reported in Russia, Hong Kong and Macau, in addition to all of the countries listed below:

Saudi Arabia’s economy depends on millions of migrant workers, a group that includes many Indians.