DPMNE quislings have tough time getting people to protest behind their banner


The people who have the greatest responsibility for bringing in the communist junta to power, are now finding themselves having trouble to animate the populace to protest. Gruevski has found himself supported by few hundred DPMNE supporters in front of the Appelate Court.

More protesters are gathering in other locations, blocking roads in downtown Skopje, in Ohrid, Veles, Prilep… but the key difference is, they are self-organizing and are not standing behind the DPMNE banner.

Is this surprising? Not at all. Nikola Gruevski (lately referred to as Nikolina Gruevska) and the DPMNE distanced themselves from the massive protests that took place in 2017.  No DPMNE MP attended the protests despite the fact over 200,000 Macedonians took part in almost on daily basis. Reap what you have sown.

Meanwhile 6 more people have been sent to jail after prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska requested people who have house detention be transferred to prison.

A note to the detained: Nobody is going to save you, you have quislings in the Court, quislings in Government and quislings in opposition. Your only defense now is from Zaev’s book of tricks as conveyed to him by pedofile Jess Baily. Simply do not recognize the Court as a legitimate body. Don’t claim innocence from the absurd charges because the moment you do, you give legitimacy to the Junta and you’re heading to jail. Dispute the legitimacy of the Court, it will confuse Baily’s prosecutors and the quislings judges. Zaev has been doing this with success since 2014.

  • Josh Dawg

    Okay I will admit it, I am enjoying this

    • Risto

      Enjoying what exactly?

  • V.M.

    I like the “dispute legitimacy” of the Court. Zaev has indded been doing that for years now quite successfully.

  • LXV

    DP#GE quislings can go and ask their “strategic partner” Mitko Burchevski for help.

    No sane Macedonian patriot is going to support the “Antic chorus” until they come out clean and publicly beg Macedonia for forgiveness for their begotten “mistakes”…

    • V.M.

      Absolutely, I know hardcore DPMNE supporters who are furious with the demented idiots who run the party.

      • LXV

        The real problem is, Macedonians KNOW they aren’t all demented idiots, which makes us even more suspicious of a much more sinister script that DP#GE is following in the ongoing stage-play….