Turkey warns Macedonia not to relocate Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem


The Turkish Government is advising ‘fyrom’ not to follow the United States orders and move their embassy of Tel Aviv in Jerusalem – writes influential Turkish daily “Anadolia” in its editorial. Turkish Parliament Speaker Ahmet Aydin addressing the 23rd Congress of the Palestinian National Council in Ramallah warned all those countries that are preparing to bow to Washington to move their embassies, not to take such a step.

Although the senior Turkish official spoke in general, the Turkish state agency “Anatodia” states that among these countries are Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Indicative is that Turkey is one of the few countries in the region with which Macedonia has extremely good and friendly relations and Ankara recognizes Macedonia under its constitutional name from day one. The newspaper Anadolia is practically an integral part of the Turkish state apparatus, for the first time refers to Macedonia using the offensive reference. Certainly this isn’t a random mistake, instead a warning from a friendly Turkey that we are going against their interests.

Macedonia, for its part, several months ago in the United Nations, along with over 130 other countries, opposed the decision by US President Donald Trump to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. Immediately afterwards, the US hillbilly ambassador to the UN Nicky Haley threatened that anyone opposed to the US decision would bear grave consequences.

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, but its eastern part is considered by the Palestinians as its own metropolis and given the sensitivity of the Muslim world to the Palestinian question, most states consider the best choice was to send their diplomatic missions to Israel’s administrative center Tel Aviv. The US embassy in Jerusalem, despite all the protests, will officially move to May 15 on the 70th anniversary of the creation of the Jewish state.