10 days to Macedonian elections, and they are already fraudulent


The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do – Joseph Stalin.

In Macedonia, with the current set up even Stalin would be jealous.

The so called State Electoral Commission is run by the SDS. The SDS is in power, they organize the elections, control the police, control the ballots, they count the votes!

But that’s not enough. To ensure completely fraudulent elections, now there are cases of high ranking SEC members within the SDS party and Soros NGOs whose partners are actually running on the SDS ticket. Case in point, SEC secretary Dobre Janchev’s wife is running for a Skopje city council. Dobre will be counting the votes tallied for his wife! This isn’t just illegal, this is absolutely crazy. There has been no comment from the SEC on their massive conflict of interests and misdeeds.

This week, numerous SEC officials in Skopje and Ohrid were present at SDS election campaign rallies. These are the people that will count your votes. We’re quite certain this can’t be seen even in North Korea.