AA and BESA announce protests, Gruevski silent


Opposition party BESA and the “Alliance for Albanians”, a junior partner in Zaev’s government have announced they will hold massive protests against what they called an obvious “election robbery”. Similarly to the leader of the largest opposition party, DPMNE, the leaders of BESA Bilal Kasami and AA’s Zijadin Sela stated the election results are invalid.

BESA official Emad Mehmeti says protests are a must as a response to the fraudulent elections.

“We saw election fraud, it was out on the open for everyone to see, the police and the mafia joined forces to steal these elections, protests are the only viable option” says Mehmeti in his FB post.

The AA did not publicly call for protests, however Sela’s interviews in the past two days allude to the fact he is calling for protests, adding “There is no way I’ll be a minister in a Government run by Zaev, I do have integrity”.

Should Sela quit the Zaev coalition, the SDSM will not have the necessary majority in Parliament, resulting in early elections. However, Sela’s previous remarks that he may quit the Zaev led Government were all for none mostly thanks to Prime Minister Jess Baily who finds various ways to convince Sela to stay in the coalition.

  • Wolf

    All Albanians are pupets tp the US embasy.

    • Goran Stavreski

      Not all, their camp is split. Baily has DUI in his pocket, Erdogan has BESA in his…. it’s all geopolitics.