Agents of ANB were sent by MOI’s Oliver Spasovski to stage incidents, attack policemen


During last night protests, MINA finds from police sources that MoI’s Oliver Spasovski was advised by our “strategic partners” at the U.S. Embassy to make the protesters look violent by inserting agents wearing masks who would attack policemen.

This is a well versed scenario which happens all over the western world, it is happening right now in Holland and it did happen on January 6th when FBI agents wearing masks led the crowd into the U.S. Capitol.

In Skopje, over 50 agents of ANB (Agency for National Security) all wearing masks joined the protesters. The immediately started attacking policemen, one even threw a molotov cocktail and then quickly disappeared from the scene.

Ironically, Levica’s leader Dimitar Apasiev wrote on his profile page on FB that he too was informed that ANB agents will infiltrate the protest and create incidents. The same has been announced for today’s protest as well.