Alarm! Fraud at SEC – caught in the act – Demand Manual Recount


Macedonia’s strategic “partner” strikes again!

Major fraud is uncovered at the SEC, courtesy of Jess Baily’s installed Oliver Derkovski and questionable software that was installed several years ago by the USAid as a ‘donation’.

The MINAReport has caught the SEC lying and deceiving the Macedonian public time and time again. As a reminder, the SEC during the previous elections and particularly during the Referendum committed egregious acts of fraud. Here, the SEC commited ridiculous mathematical errors while trying to increase the turnout for the failed Referendum.

The way election or any software works, the chance for this sort of errors are non-existent. Imagine looking at your Bank account balance, and each time it shows different balance while you haven’t done any transactions. Everything is automated and the numbers always add up. But not when your software is donated by the USAidCIA, with manual insertions of numbers which in turn wreak havoc.

Here, the SEC’s numbers never added up in an effort to skew the number in one direction, errors were created that automated software simply never does. Again, this only happens by manual insertions and edits of numbers.

Same gap (automatically maintained across country)

When the SEC started to report the results, it claims it was allegedly hacked and it went offline. This is complete bullshit, but it was a sign of what is to come. There never was any hack, they needed to go offline to better skew the results.

Just like in the previous elections the gap, i.e. numbers between the two rivals (DPNE SDS) was kept at same percentage level. It didn’t deviate at all, DPNE led by roughly 2.6% for the majority of the time, until a switch was flipped, and the SDS took the lead by … you guessed it 2.6%., at which point the SEC packed its bags and went home for the night, stopping at allegedly counting 93% of the vote. They simply went home, telling the public they will continue with the count the next day! Does anyone realize how insane this is? Where did SEC president Oliver Derkovski go?

SEC Fraud Again and Again and Again

At 3:10, the SEC stated they have published the results of 3,459 polling places out of 3,480, allegedly the SDSM getting 36% of the vote while the DPMNE 34.71%. This means there were 21 polling places remaining to have their results published. In IE 6 the SEC reported allocated the Parliament mandates despite publishing the results of only 425 out of 474 polling places. How could this be? In IE6, the SEC ignores the results from 49 polling places!!!!

In the other electoral regions there are 58 polling places whose results are yet to be counter/ignored. With the 49 polling places from IE6, there are 107 polling places that are at the moment being ignored and the results not counted. But the SEC on its website claims there are 21 polling places remaining to be counted!

When you open the mobile version of the SEC, it shows one result, but on their desktop version, it shows other results. They forgot to sync them.

In Demir Hisar, where there are zero albanians, the SEC showed DUI has 28% of the vote, AA 24.66%, and then followed DPMNE and SDS. Once the culprits realized their error, they flipped the numbers. Disgusting!

In Novo Selo (Strumica), the SEC gave AA 67.8% of the vote, while DUI got 21.43%….

Entire neighborhoods in the Macedonian capital were singing to the polling stations, all voting for the DPMNE, yet, the SEC showed those neighborhoods as 51-49??!? There are always mathematical ‘errors’ of 18-30,000 votes given to the SDSM.

VMRO-DPMNE must demand Manual Recount

Even members of the SDSM voted for the VMRO-DPMNE and want Zaev gone. They too are shocked how could the SDSM ‘win’, it makes no sense to them either.

As reported time and time again, it is clear, there is a major ongoing fraud at the SEC. Unfortunately, the opposition has the spine of a jelly cake and will do absolutely nothing. The one thing they must do today is demand manual count of the votes.

Did we mention the SDS knew the results before the SEC started their alleged count? They “knew” they’d win with 2-3 MPs well ahead of the count.